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13 January 2013

Webinars-Using Google Books & Ancestry.com Census Searching

We have just recorded new versions of two of our most popular webinars--full of practical, easy-to-follow, down-to-earth advice from a researcher who lives in the real world. And, we have just enough humor to keep you paying attention.

All at a price that is the real world as well--our low prices don't mean low quality. Please forward this message to your genealogy friends--that helps to keep our prices the lowest in the business.

Using Google Books

Access millions of printed pages right from your computer desktop. In this presentation we see how to search books on Google Books, how to interact with them (Google gives you options), and why you should search for just about everything. Presented in a clear, straightforward manner, see why even your run-of-the-mill ancestor might appear in Google Books--even if he doesn't appear in the county history. Of course, most of those are on Google Books as well.

Order our January 2013 version of Using Google Books" for only $4.50--our introductory rate through 13 January 2013. Don't wait!

Census Searching At Ancestry.com

Learn tricks and techniques for searching the census at Ancestry.com from someone who uses Ancestry.com nearly every day and doesn't work for Ancestry.com. We aren't trying to sell subscriptions or tell you it all works perfectly. I give you practical tips, suggestions, and ideas from someone who uses the Ancestry.com census indexes every day in actual research.

Order our January 2013 version of "Census Searching at Ancestry.com" for only $4.50--our introductory rate through 13 Jaunary 2013. Don't wait. 

Only $9.00 gets both these presentations. 



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