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09 January 2013

Disappearing Grandmas or Grandpas?

If an older relative "disappears," consider the possibility that they might have been institutionalized.If the person got to where the family simply could not care for the person at home, your relative may have been institutionalized and died a distance from where they actually lived.


  1. This happened to one of my ancestors who appeared and disappeared from city directories. It ends up, he was in an out of an insane asylum. Those hospital records were very enlightening.

    Regards, Jim
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  2. Great tip which I'd forgotten. That may be where my Great Grandfather's first wife disappeared to. Many thanks!!! Cheers, Catherine

  3. Can I find information/records for genealogy family member that was in hospital? How and is there a website?

  4. That's why the wonderful records of: U. S. National Homes for Volunteer Soldiers 1866-1938 are so helpful. The government microfilm is searchable and viewable on Ancestry.com and associated records are on Fold3.com. So if grandpa is not on the census for 1880 or 1900, he might have been living at one of the Homes. Much personal information is on the records.