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17 January 2013

No Scraps

If you have notes, research ideas, or other genealogical material on "scraps" of paper, convert it an easier to file and organize size, enter the information in your research notes, or digitize the information.

Regardless of how you "convert" it, get it off the "scrap." Scraps easily get lost, never to be found again.

Using slips of paper is a great way to lose an idea or a record after you've found it.


  1. I use a notebook and tape my sticky notes or scraps of paper into the notebook and take those tiny little colored sticky notes to highlight & id them so I can easily find them. Works for me...and yes, scraps do get lost and always, always has that pertinent information you need!

  2. Funny you should mention that! I not only still find scraps of paper I wrote 40 years ago, but I find notes from relatives who died ages ago. Now I add them to my genealogy program as I find them. Sometimes they provide a breakthrough I totally forgot about.

  3. I use my Ipad to keep track of notes. I just take a picture of them and save them in my photos to an appropriate album.