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04 January 2013

My Blogs

For those who are new...

I currently write and maintain the following blogs:

  • Genealogy Tip of the Day  http://genealogytipoftheday.blogspot.com/ 
    • One quick tip every day on a wide variety of topics--meant to be short, quick, and to the point.
  • Rootdig.com http://rootdig.blogspot.com
    • Postings on a variety of research topics--difficulties with websites, quick analysis of records or sources, some opinion, research methdology, etc. No press releases, no "news," and no posting  of offers from database providers, equipmentn sellers, etc.
  • Genealogy Transcriber http://genealogytranscriber.blogspot.com
    • One piece of handwriting posted everyday--can you read it?
  • Search Tip of the Day  http://genealogysearchtip.blogspot.com/
    • A database search tip--published irregularly--not really every day, but I don't post something just so I can say i posted something every day. Focuses on database and web searching.
  • Casefile Clues Blog http://blog.casefileclues.com
    • A blog that complements my fee-based how-to newsletter, Casefile Clues.

Viewing or subscribing to the above blogs are free.

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