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07 January 2013

Empty Spaces at the Cemetery

Are there "empty" spaces in your family's lot of graves in the cemetery? Is it possible that there are unmarked burials. The cemetery may (or may not) have records of burials even if no stone was erected after the funeral.


  1. One of my ancestors had an unmarked grave. She died in 1914. Fortunately, the cemetery had a record of the burial and was very helpful in assisting us when a group of family members chipped in together to buy her a stone.

  2. I just returned from Hopkins County TX and south of Sulphur Springs is the Union Cemetery which has scores of unmarked graves many of which are my ancestors with POOL and THRASHER surnames. Fortunately there is a large but seemingly incomplete listing on a large engraved plaque at the entrance of who they know have no markers that are interred there. Sadly this records management bumbling is from as early as the 1840's up to a least 1890.

  3. We,too, have unmarked graves in a Pittsburgh,Pa. Catholic Cemetery. I called them direct, not the Diocese, from SC,where we now live,and though I don't have the deed for the lot, I struck a chord with the man, and he looked up records for me,etc. I was hunting for a "twin" and he happened to have twin daughters! I was very grateful,told him so,appreciating his extended kindness. Remember to be patient and kind..gets you further!

  4. Cedar Rapids parish provides headstones for unmarked graves
    CEDAR RAPIDS – Elaine Hensen remembers walking to St. John’s Cemetery as a child, where her grandmother, Antonia Hac, regularly placed flowers on the graves of her late husband and a daughter, who died at birth.

    “I don’t think they even named her – just baby girl,” said Hensen, 71, of Cedar Rapids.

    Although buried in the family plot, the baby’s grave remained unmarked, until two months ago.