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13 January 2013

My Non-Association With the Defendant in the Cyndislist Suit

In answer to rumors that have been submitted as comments on this blog. I am not associated in any way, shape, or form with the owner of MyGenShare. Period.

I have known Cyndi Howells for nearly fifteen years and consider her to be a personal friend. Please find out the details before making accusations. Good grief.

Here is a post I posted on Rootdig.com when news of the suit broke:

"Rules are made to be broken. I don't normally post news here, but am going to make an exception in this case.

Cyndi Howells, webmistress of Cyndislist.com has filed suit against Barry J. Ewell and MyGenshare.com in a Western Washington District Court. The case was filed on 21 December 2012.

Based upon the information on Justia.com, Howells' suit is based on a perceived violation of her copyright.

A link to very basic information about the case can be viewed here on Justia.com.

I've known Cyndi Howells since Cyndislist was one page and hope her case has the desired outcome.

Cyndi cannot comment on pending litigation and I hope that blog readers understand that and respect Cyndi's need to remain silent on the issue at this time. Besides, I'm certain she has links that need to be updated.

[Comments on this post have been disabled as this is an informational posting only.]