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03 November 2014

The 1950 Census and Beyond...

The 1950 United States census will not be released to the public until 2022 and the 1960 United States census is not scheduled for release until 2032. That's a while.

But have you thought about where your family was living in those census years? What makes you think your family was living in those locations?

Just because it will be awhile before these records are released doesn't mean you shouldn't think about what your ancestors and relatives were doing in the mid to later part of the 20th century.


  1. I have never tried it. I have been told & I believe a citizen may request extracts from the more recent censuses. My guess is the requestor would have to provide information about the census district and show a close relationship or other reason for obtaining the record, e.g. tracking the previous ownership of a piece of property you own.

  2. Yes, I know exactly where we lived, have pictures of the houses. I graduated high school in 1956 and married in 1962, my father worked at a furniture factory and my mother stayed home. My brother was in the Air Force so there were only three of us living there in 1960.

  3. From the census bureau site: Individuals may request their own records (before they are publicly available) via the Census Bureau's Age Search service. This service provides individual information from censuses that are still protected by the 72-year rule, but only to the named person, his or her heirs, or legal representatives. There is a Congressionally-mandated fee for this service. Individuals interested in requesting a search of their personal census records must complete a form BC-600 [PDF 142k], Application for Search of Census Records (form BC-600sp [PDF - 156k], Solicitud Para Busqueda De Registros Censales).