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02 November 2014

Assuming It Is a Place It Is Not

It is possible that the name you think is a variant spelling for a location may be an entirely different location? Some countries or regions have place names that sound very similar or have nearly identical spellings. Don't just grab the first "match" and assume that it is the correct place.

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  1. I experienced that this week. I was hoping to find if anyone had listed where a cousin had been buried, not just where he had died as I already had that. He had severe health problems and needed round the clock care his entire life. I knew he had finally been paced in a home in the southern part of Louisiana and 3 or four years ago I found he had died in Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. I still do not know if he was returned to the cemetery where the rest of his family is buried but at least 5 or 6 people show he died in Hammond, Indiana a place he had never even visited; the annoying thing was that one of those posters was a stepdaughter of his only sister who is the remaining member of the family. Of course this was on Ancestry.com where I am seeing more and more errors posted about the people who I have personally known, not just ancestors.