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05 November 2014

Do You Look at All the Notations?

Are there marks on a document that you've not analyzed or tried to interpret? Some stray marks are just stray marks, but other times those notations have a meaning. Sometimes that meaning has a genealogical significance and sometimes it does not. A recent posting to Rootdig mentioned notations on an estate inventory.

You don't know if something is relevant or not if you don't try to find out.

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  1. My cousin has a very old English History book; it has the name of our great-great-grandmother's grandmother in the front - Elizabeth Stuart Rogers. We didn't know the name of her son-lin-law. When we found out his name was Thomas Breed, we realized that the pencil scrawl on the opposite fly-leaf says 'Breed'. It looked like 'bread' to me, and I thought it was an odd place to write a grocery list! :)