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04 May 2014

Webinars on Seeing Patterns, Organizing, and Making Charts

Don’t wait to order…with summer coming there’s no better time to increase your genealogical research skills. Our low-priced presentations can get you back on your research path.

Organizing Online Searches
When I search databases for more than five minutes, I stop and get organized. There's a lot to be said for that approach. This presentation demonstrated tried and true approaches that I actually use--not ones simply made up to make a "neat presentation."

This webinar presents suggestions for how to organize your online searches, including creating lists of search options, creating search logs that assist in problem-solving, and tracking negative results and eliminated matches to repeat viewing the same image over and over. Organized searches makes it possible to accurately problem-solve and allows others to provide constructive criticism. Also included is a discussion of when it may be time to stop.  Detailed handout included. Download is immediate.
Order the presentation for immediate download here for $6.25.

Charts, Charts and More Charts

Readers of the newsletter know that I love charts--and I'm not talking about pedigree and family group charts. Instead I'm talking about charts that organize information you have in order to see what's missing, notice patterns, and organize your research. In this webinar, I talk about key elements to include in any chart, troubleshooting before you get started, brainstorming, and ways to get creative with your data. Geared towards advanced beginners and intermediate researchers. -add to cart.

Seeing the Patterns-Organizing Your Information

This lecture discusses the problem-solving process and a variety of ways to   organize your information with the intent of getting the research to notice overlooked clues, patterns, trends, and information. $8.50 includes handout and hour-long lecture. -add to cart.

Genealogy Fundamentals

These presentations cover basic topics in 20 minutes or less. Short and to the point. Topics include citations, wills, federal land records, and more. View the complete list here.

All Presentations

A list of over thirty how-to presentations on a variety of genealogical topics. All priced for under $8. View the complete list here.


  1. What's the difference between your charts and your organizing information packages? Thank you.

    1. The one on charts actually builds on the one on organizing information and has more detailed examples and follow up ideas.