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20 May 2014

Local Papers After They Leave

Newspapers (especially smaller weekly ones) often mention former residents long after they have left the area. Never assume that your relative will stop being mentioned in a paper after they have left the area. Sometimes those references to a person after they have left the area are more informative than those references to them when they are living in the area.


  1. County newspapers are wonderful, especially the ones with community columns. A man living in my home county died and his death was mentioned in 5 community columns. The out-of-area relatives visited all the other relatives living in the little communities across the county and the correspondents mentioned the fact. Don't know how it worked in other areas, but my county paper paid by the inch and the correspondents included as much news as possible! It's sad that there are few newspapers with these community columns today.

  2. The Times Dispatch, Walnut Ridge (Lawrence County) Arkansas, is one.