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15 May 2014

Casefile Clues Rates to Change 20 May

Note: Casefile Clues is part of what keeps Genealogy Tip of the Day free--and a great way to expand your research skills beyond our daily tips.

We've had the same subscription price to Casefile Clues for the past several years, but a variety of costs have gone up.

Effective 20 May 2014 the subscription price for renewals or new subscriptions will be $20. Until then, the price of $17 remains in effect. Don't wait...it's easy to forget. Renewals can be processed at http://www.casefileclues.com/subscribe.html

If you're not a subscriber, you can download two free copies of Casefile Clues here: http://rootdig.blogspot.com/2013/03/our-genealogical-freebies.html

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