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09 January 2014

Pick A Year

I've been doing this on my Rootdig blog, but I think it can be a good exercise for anyone to pick a year in their research and try and answer the following questions:

  • which ancestors were living?
  • where were they living?
  • how do you know they were living there?
  • what historical events were taking place locally, regionally, and nationally?
By the time you're done, you may have either broken down some brick walls or learned something--either of which is good (grin!). 


  1. Handy information to know -- not just for one year, but to know the migration pattern for the family. My grandfather's family migration was from NC>SC>GA>TN>AL>MS. When people of the same surname appear in the census records with birthplaces that do not fall in line with the dates of my kin, I know they are not related.