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20 January 2014

How Old Does It Look?

When visiting a cemetery, always compare the "stone of interest" to other nearby stones? If the dates are within the same era, does the stone appear to be the same age as the other stones? Or does it appear to be quite a bit newer and made from a different type of stone?

That may be a clue it was either not the original stone or that the stone was put in years or decades after the death.

And that's something you need to know when the transcription does not agree with contemporary records.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that excellent reminder. Also, one gravestone death date might not be filled in... because a spouse is still alive! Might be a centenarian who moved elsewhere, or whose name is no longer listed in telephone books and city directories. Please caution all gravestone transcribers: person is not necessarily dead and buried, just because his or her name is on a headstone.