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01 January 2014

There Could Be Another

I've been working on a man named Charles Butler who was born in the early 1860s in Kansas, to a man named Benjamin Butler who was born in New York State. Just because I've found a Charles Butler in Washington in 1920 who was born in the early 1860s in Kansas to a father from New York State does not mean I have the "right" person.

There's more I need to do.

After all, there could have been Butler brothers living in Kansas in the early 1860s who both had children named Charles.

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  1. I appreciate my immigrant ancestors for their choice of locales. Except for one family that perambulated from Floyd County, Indiana, to Cleveland, Ohio, before ending up in Knox County, Indiana, all the rest came to Knox County and stayed. Well, there was the one who changed his surname and got married in St Louis under his real name after establishing residence in Knox County, but as I found his real ancestry after 28 years of searching, I think I'll give him a slide.