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12 January 2014

A Thousand Miles Away

When searching online newspaper content, don't ignore content from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. For a variety of reasons, your ancestor may have been mentioned in a distant newspaper, especially if he did something slightly unusual or noteworthy.

And sometimes those unusual items don't always get pased down to future generations, especially if the actions are some what scandalous in nature.

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  1. My family was involved in a tragic event back over 110 years ago. In 1979 when I read on microfilm the contemporary account in the local newspaper, my mother and aunts & uncles didn't want to read it as they were afraid of re kindling hard feelings. Years later with digitized newspapers, I've found accounts of the incident in papers from coast to coast and from the Gulf to the northern boundary of the U. S. I didn't search on the names (the news wire didn't get them all right anyway) but on the name of the town which was rather unique.