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07 January 2014

Have You Reviewed What You "Know?"

Are there conclusions that you reached quite some time ago that you've not looked at in a while? Is it possible that the conclusion was tentative and that over time the conclusion has progressed to being a "fact?" 

It's possible that new information conflicts the conclusion or that sources that were difficult to access before may provide additional information.

And the reason why you're stuck on this person's parents is because you've working with conclusions about the person themselves that are not correct.


  1. I have numerous items in my Ancestry.com shoebox that I have not looked at in quite a while. Thanks for the reminder ! This is now on the top of my to-do list!

  2. I just recently went through all of my Ancestry.com shoebox and found things to add to my tree that I had forgotten about. It is so easy to put them there and then forget them. I also found one item in there that could possibly break down one of my many brick walls. Just need to do more research on that item.