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27 July 2013

Where Did YOU Get That?

If you are fortunate enough to obtain family photographs from a relative, indicate somewhere who gave that photograph to you. In going through pictures I have--even ones identified--there are quite a few that I simply cannot remember who gave them to me. And I'd like to know. It sounds a little strange to say "I know who this dead person is, but I can't remember who gave me the picture or how I got it."


  1. I am an avid antique and junk store visitor. In my perusing I have purchased quite a few old photographs for many reasons - from fashion statements to simply being drawn to the subject in the picture. I am ready to part with some of them and KNOW there are people out there who could identify these people simply by the name and location of the photography studio. Now, what to do? I've considered putting a set of them on ebay hoping someone would find a family member accidently, yet know the ancestry sites will be the locations people are researching. Which site will publish the photos themselves so people can see if the photograph has indeed found a legitimate home?

  2. Scan and post at Rootsweb or USGenWeb ect. I had a lady like yourself, contact me about empty envelopes with the return address's on them and post marks. They were sent to my grandfather's great aunt Lily Baker who married Edward Sebben and I had them on my tree at Ancestry.com The ruturn address was the same that Edward's sister had when she votes. I had a picture postcard, never sent so no post mark or date signed only my children coming home from school, Ann. Now I know for sure that's Ann Sebben who married Burns in KS.