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07 July 2013

Do You Know The Geography?

What was the nearest river to where your ancestor lived? What was the local terrain and climate like? All three of these things impact transportation and how easily your ancestor could "up and move." And, if you have no idea where the nearest river is to where your ancestor lived, what other things about the area do you not know that could have a direct and immediate impact on your research?


  1. I would like to know how to locate the house/property of my ancestors? Can the household be located by using the dwelling number listed in the census records? I worked as an enumerator during the 2000 census and we used special drawn census maps to help locate households to be surveyed.Just wondering if the Census Bureau had census maps back in the 1850's and will provide those maps and other records to aid in my ancestoral research!If so,then how do I obtain those maps?

  2. Try land owner atlases, many published county maps in 1850s onward. Library of Congress has many, and try for online sites.