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21 July 2013

Notations on Paper Copies

In some courthouses and records repositories, paper copies of records are still the norm. When making paper copies (or having them made), make note in pencil on the edge of the copy the name of the book, volume number and page number where the material was obtained.

You are not going to remember and at some point, you will want to know where the page was obtained. If you would rather not write on the front of the copy, then do it on the back.

But do it. You will be glad you did.


  1. For information from a book, I usually copy the page with the Title, Author, Publisher, year of publication, and the page no, etc. My handwriting is terrible, so I usually copy when I can.

  2. What I started doing was photo copying the title page with all the info on it. All the writing was killing my hands (arthritis)

  3. Spend another buck (or whatever) and make copies of the title page and publishers page and then you have those as well. Writing where you found the book on the back of the page is a good idea.