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29 July 2013

Does the Internet Feed Your Distractions?

Is a constant sense of "connection" disrupting your genealogical research? When you are trying to tackle that genealogical problem, try turning off the computer (or at least the internet), putting the cell phone on vibrate, and maybe even just using pencil and paper. The constant barrage of "messages" and the ability to immediately try a new search idea may be negatively impacting your ability to concentrate. 

Sometimes I make the most headway on research problems with pencil and paper copies (digital or paper) of various records--with no internet and no phone.


  1. I agree! My biggest problem is on sites like Ancestry.com or Find A Grave. Great sites, I just can easily follow another link from what I was originally looking for and open up about 10 more questions!

    1. I do the same thing! Lately though I've found something that is more helpful than the original subject I was looking up! Of course it is four hours later when I realize I got off track~but hey~who cares? :)

    2. Yes, I easily can forget time when visiting with the ancestors!

  2. I think many of us have attention deficit disorder! I don't finish one project before I've launched onto a different (and perhaps more interesting)one. Thanks for the reminder.