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30 July 2013

Is Your Memory the Problem?

Is your reliance on memory the problem? Recently in writing a blog post involving the 1910 census, I nearly stated the census date was 1 April 1910 and that my great-aunt, born on 8 April 1910 should not have been listed. In reviewing before the item was published, I was reminded that the census date in 1910 was 15 April, not 1 April. In this case, it was me who was wrong, not the census. Memories are not always perfect.

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  1. Memories are not always perfect. Writing about them helps. The more you write, the more you will remember, and you'll be surprised at how many details suddenly come to mind. These, however, are only *your* memories. Share your writing with others who could help recall more about the same memories. They'll be different, but that's what makes family history so interesting. Include all the stories.