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02 March 2015

Was He Mixed Up With His Brother or His Son?

Census enumerators make mistakes. In 1900 Henry/Hinrich Sartorius was enumerated as Herman Sartorius.

The census enumerator may have confused Henry with his son of the same name--or perhaps his late brother. Both men were named Herman.

Henry's middle name was Ameling, so that doesn't explain the error.

Sometimes people just get one or two things mixed up. It happens.

Situations like this are one time when a manual search of the record itself or a last name only search of the database may be necessary.

1 comment:

  1. In one census year my great grandmother, Caldona, who was called "Doan" is identified as a male and a son in the family. I only found her on this census when I looked for another family member.
    I think her name and age were given to the census taker and it was assumed "Doan" was a male. Oops.