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05 March 2015

No Middle Name

In some locations and some time periods, it was not common to use middle names. Do not assume that your ancestor had a middle name. It is possible that he or she did not.


  1. My father born in 1940 did not have a middle name. His whole life he had to argue with people who were convinced he should have had a middle name.

  2. In the 1960's, I was asked by a relative why my children had 3 names. She was from Iowa and I live in Maryland. I certainly thought that it was a strange question.

  3. I tell folks I have no middle name. I have a 2-word first name & those 2 words are separated by a space.

    No computer programmer is going to tell me when a middle initial is enough. And what of those individuals who have a one-letter middle name?

  4. My paternal grandfather was born in 1889 and was not given a middle name. When social security was created he was required to create a middle initial in order to enroll, or so goes the family story.

  5. And there was the guy who joined the Military as
    R.(only) B. (only) Jones and became know as Ronly Bonly Jones

    1. My uncle had only the initial C for a middle name and was known in the military as Ralph C (only). My father called him Conly for years.