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22 March 2015

Before Visiting Cemeteries on Private Property

Smaller rural cemeteries present a variety of research challenges, particularly in terms of access. Not all of these small cemeteries are publicly accessible--some may be located on private property. Access will require the permission of the landowner and that person should be contacted some time before any planned visit.  Local historical or genealogical societies may also have copies of earlier transcriptions which may have been done when stones were more legible and may be able to help determine the current owner of the property on which the cemetery is located.

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  1. These are excellent suggestions when one must deal with small rural cemeteries. Sites on private property must be handled properly considering both the researcher and the owner. The tip about looking for transcriptions made in earlier years is very useful. Deterioration continues with isolated sites. Stepping back with an earlier researcher's work may repay handsomely.