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26 March 2015

Is the Maiden Name the Same as the Married Name?

Is it possible that your female relative married someone with the same last name as her maiden name? If so, she may never have actually "changed" her last name upon marriage.


  1. This happened in my family. In fact my cousin Audrey Johnson married Harold Johnson. And her father was also named Harold Johnson. Lots of room for confusion here!

  2. My great grandmother Charlotte Emily Duncan married her first cousin Alfred Gillis
    Duncan. To complicate things their fathers had married two Laughlin girls who were first cousins to each other and second cousins once removed to their Duncan mates.

  3. My aunt maiden name (Brown) Lillie Mae Brown married Charles Brown, they are know kin.

  4. I have a Doernenburg married to a Doernenburg. They married in Germany but were not born in the same town. They may be related somehow, but the Doernenburg in Germany I have worked with has not found a connection. Some relatives say one is Von Doernenburg, but I am told that is not significant.