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19 March 2015

Did They Go Back Across the Pond?

Immigrants did not always stay in their new country. Some were not happy and ended up returning to their homeland. If you can't find where your immigrant ancestor died in their "new country," consider the possibility that they went home and never returned.


  1. My ancestors came to the US from England, returned to England and then came back to the US *again* for good. So they may have made several trips across the pond.

  2. I was unable to find my GGGrandfather after 1850, although his wife was living with a daughter in 1860 and 1870, and buried in the local cemetery. Ultimately discovered that he did indeed return to Alsace where he died in 1860s. His death record stated he was survived by his wife who lived in America. He left his wife, all his children and grandchildren to make that miserable trip back to the. old country....never have figured out why!