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03 February 2015

Faded Letters

Name variants occur for a variety of reasons.

This compiled military service record card for John Rampley was written as Joh Kampleys--the "K" likely was a misreading of an incomplete or faded "R."

Always keep yourself open to a wide variety of spelling variants--even ones you don't see very often.

Having researched this family for decades, this spelling is pretty rare--wrong, but rare.


  1. My mother had the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen, & very fancy. Sometimes I had to look at her capital letters twice to decide what it was.

  2. Between faded ink and microfilming, determining the correct name can be very difficult. Also one may not be able to tell if more than one person's writing is on a document.

  3. Poor indexing was the cause for my ancestors mistaken name, Warman mis read as Harman. If you look at the actual census ,you can see it is a W, not an H .