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18 February 2015

An Ancestral Activity: When Could They Vote?

If your genealogy work has you stymied, but you want to so "something," consider creating a chart of this type---when each of your ancestors could vote.

At the very least you'll learn some history.

It's always possible you may break down a brick wall in the process.

Note: the voting chart is here for those who can't see links in their email:

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  1. It is quite possible that your never naturalized ancestors did indeed vote, as there was often a great deal of fraud in pre Civil War elections. One of my ancestors brought his family to America in 1837 intending to live in Bethlehem, Pa. He was naturalized the same year across the state in Butler County so he could vote in the hotly contested gubernatorial election the following year! Michael F. Holt discusses this practice in his book The Rise and Fall of the American Whig Party.