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12 February 2015

A Test Post-Did You Get This?

I really hate to post an entry of this type, but I'm not certain if the emails with the tips are going out or not. If you see this tip in your email, please let me know at michael.john.neill@gmail.com.

If you see it in your blog reader or some sort, I don't need to know that. It's the emails that I'm trying to get a handle on.


And we'll work really hard not to send out any more test messages. 


  1. I did get this in my email and have been all along!

  2. I've been getting it and love it!!!

  3. If you subscribe to this feed you'll know if it's being sent out. I've used Feedburner for years and never known it to fail. Hope you resolve the issue. Thanks for all the awesome tips.

  4. I am receiving the emails. Thank you for the tips.

  5. yes. enjoy reading the various news. thank you.