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20 July 2014

They Are Not As Interested As You Are

Not everyone who submits DNA to the "determine your ethnicity" type of sites or databases is really interested in the details of their heritage beyond generalities. You may find that "matches" on those websites simply do not contact requests.

Just like some submitters to trees do not respond either. For some people, work or obligations involving living family members, have to take priority.

And for others the interest in their history is fleeting.


  1. If they are not interested in genealogy why did they pay money to have their DNA done? I don't care about the ethnic nonsense, not even convinced it is accurate. But I care about genealogy. Is there a test for (censored) so we can tell from their DNA results who they are?

    1. Ancestry.com's marketing is the reason. I have fairly close relatives who (unbeknownst to me) have had the test done. They were really just interested in the ethnic mix and were not really interested in contacting potential matches. They had had the test done some time before I even knew about it.

    2. Not only Ancestry's marketing but the higher profile in general about issues around DNA and family history. I can think of three genealogy shows that have run on TV in the last 6-7 yrs. Some people are simply curious to know if the old family story about immigrant ancestors pans out in a DNA test. Doesn't have to have anything to do with genealogy research on any level. And certainly no need to have a "test" of any kind attached so strangers can pry into someone else's results. Curiosity doesn't justify itself.