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27 July 2014

What's Old Hat to You May Be New to Someone Else

Our daily tips come to me as I'm doing actual research. That's why sometimes it may appear there are certain geographic or other themes. Old tips are not copied and often they are things I've known for a while but simply forgotten.

That said every tip won't be new information to everyone. For those who have more research years under their belt, we hope to at least remind them of something they may have forgotten. Failing to remember something or making an incorrect assumption can happen to all of us.

Thanks for your support of Genealogy Tip of the Day over the years. It is appreciated.



  1. I have a group of Genealogy Blogs I review almost every day. Your "tips" are a prized part of that group. As a few years only searcher, I value all the help that is offered. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Thank you, Michael for your blogs. I find your blogs very informative and have gained much research knowledge from your "Tips."

    1. You are welcome, Kat...and your comments are appreciated as well. Often reading comments either reminds me of something else or makes it clear that I wasn't as clear I intended to be.

    2. I look forward to your tips...they're always good. If it's something I already know, I'm always up for a reminder to reinforce that knowledge!