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21 July 2014

Out of Order Recordings

Record offices usually record items in the order in which they are brought into the office, not the order in which they took place. For this reason a variety of records may be recorded out of chronological order. When manually searching birth, marriage, deed, death, and other records, look a little after the time when you expect to find it.

It may have been recorded several months (or longer) after it happened.


  1. Yep - found a birth registered 12 years late!!!!

  2. I have several ancestors where the births of ALL the children were recorded at the same time. And some that were not recorded at all. If the family lived in the country, rarely went to town, the birth was at home -- AND the recording of a birth cost money. Even a little bit of money. No way money was spent on something that no one but close family needed to know anyway. Sadly, for those of us trying to find a primary source for that birth date.