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16 July 2014

About Where Did You Get That?

If you enter in your genealogical database that a relative died in "about 1847," put down something in your sources or notes as to how you arrived at that approximate date.

There's a place for random dates and it's not genealogy (grin!).

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  1. I totally agree!! I've been working endlessly on a grand-ma b. 1718 at Ft. Toulouse, Marguerite Brignac that I found on-line but the submitter did not put down their resource .. I verify my entire tree by the physical record of my findings and I have not been able to find this birth in any books/records and my esteemed cousin didn't put down where the information was retrieved. If anyone can help me verify this birth, please contact me and be sure to always state your sources on all your information, it sure does help. Thank you: moregenealogy@gmail.com