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28 March 2013

Who Doesn't Use Page Numbers?

Plenty of original records are in bound volumes without page numbers. Frustrating as it is, researchers whose work extends before 1900 will encounter volumes with pages that have no numbering to them at all.

The citation to this record needs to include enough detail so that you or someone else can easily find the record again. Don't just make a copy without thinking about how you located the record. How did you find the record in the first place--were you in the births for 1850, the deaths from 1823, etc.? Were the entries within a specific year numbered?  Your citation does not have to be in "perfect" form, but include enough detail so the record can be found again.

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  1. Now you tell me, I started this research in 1978 lots of places had no copy machines, I wrote down the name of the book and where the book was located.