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05 March 2013

One Piece of Paper Is Not Proof

One record may provide evidence that an event took place or that a person had a certain maiden name.  Proof is usually mean to our analysis of various records that contain information about an event and our conclusion about what those records say. One record can easily be wrong so try and avoid saying one piece of paper proves something.

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  1. Absolutely, expecially, since many of the clerks of yesteryear, were not always the most literate or even fluent.... when considering the great immigrations of our World and World Family. I have found... innumerous documents have spelling errors, or spelling adaptions of geographical or fashionable evolution from which they also, often enough... derive. Then there are female and pluram forms of some surnames... and if one goes back far enough... there was only one name... and the origins of many surnames stem from their Forfather´s first name or sole name... then have a prefix or annex which variates whether the child is a male or a female... for example. So many reasons there can be, for different spellings or interpretations. With my highest regards and salutations, Renee Walker