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12 March 2013

Did They Change The Numbers?

Have the houses been renumbered in the city where your ancestor lived between the time they lived there and today? Have any streets been renamed? If so, are you aware of the changes and do you really know where that residence was located and is located now? The determination of which church or cemetery was "closest" to your ancestral family may depend upon it.


  1. I worked as clerk of a small town where the house numbers were changed to accommodate the 911 emergency calling system. The old/new house numbers were kept by the local fire department...a place one might not think to look.

  2. The street I grew up on didn't have any house numbers till after I went to college in the mid '70s. My sister sent me a letter with the house number, and I thought, "what's this???" My dad grew up right next door, and when browsing the 1940 census, I knew I had the right neighbohood when I saw the enumerator had written "No block or house numbers."