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10 March 2013

What Do Siblings Share?

If a document indicates that three individuals are siblings and are all children of one person, remember that they might not share the same set of parents. A record indicating that Tom, Susannah, and George are children of Johann Schmidt does not necessarily mean that they share the same mother.


  1. Always keep that in mind.

  2. I have that situation in both my husband's history as well as my history; where the first wife died leaving one or two children behind for the father to raise. Back then a lot of times they married for convenience (aka care giver and homemaker) as opposed to love.
    In my husband's history, the first wife died in labor, and then after he married my husband's great grandmother; 18 years later the father and son both died of the swine flu, just 7 days apart. So my husband's grandfather could not tell him much about his grt grandfather since he died when my husband's grandfather was very young.