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24 February 2013

Were They Fostering Something More?

Family members may have taken in the child of a relative to raise as their own. That child, in various records, may be listed as "adopted" or the "foster child" of the parents who raised them--with no indication of the biological relationship. Never assume that an adopted or foster child has no biological relationship to the one of the adoptive parents.


  1. Wow...thanks for the insight! I do have a block with one "adopted" family member. I will have to look at this a bit closer. :D :D

  2. This was the case with my great aunt's daughter! She was adopted by her father's sister when Aunt Ida passed away at a young age. Pieces falling together...YAY!

  3. Same in one of my families: the only sister adopted an out-of-wedlock daughter of one of her younger brothers. A HUGH family secret that was kept during the lives of all persons...but apparently 'known' to most. Always important to figure out those blood relations especially when doing a medical chart.

  4. My grandmother had an out of wedlock son who went by Peters until she married Albert Ward and then his census name was Ward. Did they legally adopt in 1902 or did they just incorporate?

    On the other side; my great grandfather and his sister were taken in by an aunt and uncle but the census called them son and daughter one time and grandchildren the next time. I spent more time than I wanted to figuring that out!