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19 February 2013

Aiming for Amos

A relative had the middle name "Amos." I could not determine where the family had gotten this name as it was not a name used in the low-German family into which this individual was born. Then I looked at the grandfather's name: Ehme. As soon as I said the name "in my head," I knew where they had gotten "Amos." Ehme is pronounced like the English word "aim."

And that's probably where Amos got his name.

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  1. I had a similar "Eureka" moment when I was researching my relative "Enos Dashnaw." I knew that Dashnaw was an Anglicized version of Dagenais (and various spellings) but I wasn't sure where Enos came from.

    The moment came when I saw and said the name of one of his ancestors in my head -- "Ignace." With a French / Quebecois accent, "Igance" is "Eee(g) - nass" with an almost silent "g" which sounds a LOT like Enos.