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03 February 2013

Create Your Own Map

Have you made your own map of the neighborhood or area where your ancestor lived, putting names of key locations (churches, places of employment, cemeteries, farms, etc.) and key family members or associates on the map? Such a map may help you get a better perspective on your ancestor and any stumbling blocks you have to researching him.


  1. I love maps! My best find was an early land ownerhship map for my home county (it was on microfiche from the FHL). I was able to save digital images from this map, come home and print, and then cut & paste to make a huge map.

    The Sanborn Fire Insurance maps are great for working with locations in cities.

  2. I like maps. That give lots of information. I am not a good map make myself & unsure of how to use maps without using something I am not entitled to use. Not sure how the rights work.

  3. When I put a map or a newspaper page image in one of my scrapbooks for one of my families, I use little round sticker dots that come in four different colors. With a sheet protector over the map or news page, I can apply dots to mark addresses or articles. Saves the viewer's time and, in the case of maps, gives a visual impression of how the relatives were clustered or scattered about the area.