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28 June 2013

Was There An Earlier Spouse?

Keep your mind open to the possibility that an ancestor was married before what you think was the "first marriage." The reason details do not quite "fit" may be because there was a previous marriage that ended because some died in childbirth, got ill, or simply left.

Always worth remembering as well that sometimes things seem confusing because there are details we have yet to discover.


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  1. Very true! My ancestor was born in VA, and moved to IN with a very young daughter. Wife No 1 died in VA, and he remarried in IN. Wife No 1 was my GGGG Grandmother.

  2. Interesting, Lisa Pierce... my brick wall ancestor's secon wife was a Hannah Pierce!

  3. Yes, my hrick wall consisted of a gentleman who was born in Vt. Traveled to Illinios married a Matilda then came to Indiana married another Matilda. I believe the marriage was anulled as he went back to Illinois. She remarried using her maiden name. They had a child but he was adopted. This explains why I could never find a death certificate for the father as I was looking in the wrong place....