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08 June 2013

$5 Brick Webinar Discount Extended Through 9 June

Several have expressed regret at missing our "Brick Walls from A to Z" $5 discount--so we've extended it through noon 9 June 2013.

The recording and handout normally sell for $8.50. We're offering these at $5 each. That's a savings of 40%. Don't wait...and the first one is free!

If these links do not work, direct your browser to: http://genealogytipoftheday.blogspot.com/p/webinar-discounts.html

Brick Walls from A to Z--first in the series
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Brick walls from A to Z--second in the series--More Brick Walls
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Brick walls from A to Z--third in the series--Yet More Brick Walls
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Brick walls from A to Z--fourth in the series--The Final One
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