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23 June 2013

Is That File Gone?

Despite numerous searches, the 1912 packet of estate papers for my ancestor Samuel Neill cannot be located. Occasionally files are taken and never returned. Some of what is in the packet of papers was recorded in various probate journals and ledgers allowing me to obtain most of the information. Occasionally when I return to research, I look in the "right" file box, hoping that it was filed incorrectly and someone will eventually put it in the right box.

Some things though will never be found and we have to research around them the best we can.


  1. I have a similar problem. I am researching the history of my house, built around 1850. But the page in the microfiche at the Land Registry office is missing.

  2. I work in a college library, and we have reserved notes which students can borrow to copy. There are always pages missing from our master copies...WHY do people feel the need to steal pages rather than make copies? I don't understand...

  3. Most of the courthouses that I've been in have no security concerning the old documents. At our state archives, all papers are searched upon leaving the library.

  4. I was in the Angelina County Clerk Office and ask to see the probate on George Washington Massingill and it was missing. This probate would have helped me a lot in my Massingill research. I do not understand people who take something that would help many people in the research.