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26 April 2014

Not A Straight Line Approach

Sometimes one has to research in circles.

If the parent-child connection between Ira and Clark is weak, some would say to research Ira and Clark more aggressively, leaving no stone or record unturned. And sometimes we need to do that. But if Clark's parents are known and Clark's siblings are known, going through their information may give me a clue to strengthen the Ira-Clark relationship.

Or there could be a will or probate for a grandparent, an aunt or an uncle that makes everything clear. Something I might miss if I only focus on Clark and Ira.

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  1. Sometimes the documents prepared by title companies can be priceless. While entering one for a local museum I found one that outlined 4 generations of a family and the % share each person had in the land that had been kept in the family. Family members had moved all over the country, but the abstract listed each one, whether or not they were deceased, and who their heirs-at-law were. I will never ignore these abstracts again!