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06 April 2014

No One Else May Have Solved It Either

You can search compiled trees all you want. You can Google search until your fingers bleed. You can search Ancestry.com, FamilySearch, GenealogyBank, Archives.com, and every other site and not find the answer to your problem.

It maybe that no one else has solved your problem and that the answer rests in an unpublished courthouse record someplace.

Sometimes no one else has solved it because the answers not easy to find. And sometimes no one has solved it because the answer is offline.


  1. And maybe someone has "solved" it by putting in the wrong information, when you know that it is wrong. I;m still looking for mine................

  2. Totally Understand. It makes me smile to see that my tree shows one of my ancestors with different details to all the Ancestry trees. I am confident that my tree is correct because I have ordered certificates and not just copied off everyone else!

  3. I'm dealing with this now with my gg grandfather. He died between 1930-40, but I haven't been able to narrow it down and no one else has it either. I don't know where he's buried, but I know what church he attended. I'm planning to call someone from the church today to see if they have a record of when he died. If the funeral service was done by the pastor, they may. Hopefully they will also know where he's buried - if I can get the date of death from the church, then I can send off for a death certificate!

  4. Or no one else has been astute/thorough enough to realise there is an issue!!!