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20 April 2014

Informal Places

Do you know any place names that probably are not written down in any book or entered into any database? My grandmother was born on what was known as the "Habben Corner" west of Carthage. It was called that because three brothers lived on three of the four corners of the intersection.

Today few know the spot by that name. And I bet it's not written anywhere and probably only comes up in a Google search because of this blog post. Have you shared place names that you know that no one else might?

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  1. My parents lived at what was called "Mill's end", tho' all mills had been broken down in the 1930s. The name was used for a part of a long dyke in an area with 2 mills. It isn't on any official maps. On some maps it is called Keizersdijk (Emperor's Dyke) after the dyke that the houses are build along. Officially, around 1800 it was the village of Cillaarshoek (that's where the dyke has a church and a churchyard), but that ceased to exist soon. It was incorporated into another village. That's in The Netherlands. The dyke was named after Emperor Charles V. It was part of the route from Brussels to The Hague. It's likely that it was regained from the water in Charles V's time.