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11 November 2013

Locations at the End of Life

Your ancestor's death certificate will be recorded in the jurisdiction in which they died. Their probate or will (if there's a need) will usually be recorded where the bulk of the estate is located. The burial may be somewhere else, if not where the ancestor was living at their death perhaps a previous area of residence for the ancestor or their spouse.


  1. You are right the burial is not always at the place of death. About 1910 my 2great-grandfather was living in Kansas and when he died his family buried him next to his first wife in Ohio. While in Ohio his second wife died and her body was returned to Kansas and was buried

  2. Mahala Puckett, widow Thomas Mason, of Sauk County, Wisconsin, was remarried after his death. Dozens of people on a certain popular genealogy web site have the wrong date of her death, a few have the correct date, but all have the wrong place where she died and was buried. (I've visited the cemetery where she is buried next to her second husband and have photos of their stones.) If these so-called researchers had checked the marriage records for Sauk County, they would have learned that she had remarried. Unfortunately Sauk County marriage records are not available on-line. A pre-1907 Wisconsin marriage index is available for counties with first intitials A-R. Sauk county is not included but its marriage records are available on microfilm throught the FHL.