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14 November 2013

Did Grandma Disappear Due to a Hitchin?

If you widowed ancestor cannot be located, consider the fact that she might have married after the death of her first spouse. If a subsequent marriage did not result in children, family lore may not have included any reference to it. And if the widow remarries, her last name probably changes.

Do not assume that a sixty-year old widow will not marry.

That assumption could be why  you cannot find her.


  1. My ggrandmother, who lived in Pittsburgh, Pa, divorced in 1897, than was part of the settlement of her fathers estate in 1902, than nothing after. I looked for 15 years, then thanks to family search found the marriage of her daughter in Phoenix, Az in 1913. Turns out my ggrandmother had remarried and moved to Phoenix.


  2. It is best to check marriage records if you can't find a woman's death record. She may have remarried in the same county where she and her first husband lived.