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26 November 2013

It's Not About How Far

Remember when doing your family tree research that it's not about how far back you can research your family, the important thing is being as accurate as you possibly can and telling your ancestors' stories as matter-of-factly as possible.

Some of us have Mayflower ancestors and some of us don't. And even some people with Mayflower lineages have other families we can't get back before 1820.

And some of us (like my mother) don't have one ancestor in the United States before 1850.

It's all good--just learn their stories, share their stories and report them as accurately as you can.


  1. I'm not interested so much in seeing how far back I can go. I try to find as many living descendants as I can.

  2. I appreciate all your tips, but I particularly like this post. It's a great reminder to not rush our research and to remember that sharing is as important as collecting. Thanks so much.